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  • DesNet

    A highly economical liquid concentrate for thorough cleaning and disinfection of all washable surfaces floors and equipment in the surgical, dental and medical clinics. DesNet is effective against bacteria. Fungi and viruses (including HBV & HIV).

  • DesNet Plus

    DesNet Plus is an aldehyde-free, highly effective disinfectant cleaner with excellent microbiocidal performance and broad spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. It is effective against C. difficile spores and different types of viruses so, it is highly recommended for use in hospitals, long term care facilities and institutions. It can also be used…

  • MultiQuat

    MultiQuat IS A BROAD SPECTRUM, ONE STEP,HARD SURFACE DISINFECTANT CLEANER AND SANITIZER SPECIALLY FOR FOOD CONTACT SERVICES.When used as direct this product delivers effective biocidal action against bacteria,fungi,viruses and exceptional cleaning performance,also recommended for use in hospital,school,dairy farm,homes and other institutional and industrial areas.MultiQuat is effective against pandamic H1N1,Influenza A virus,HIV-1(AIDS Virus,HAV,HBV,Norwalk)viruses bactericidal(MRSA,Staphylococcus aureus,llegionella pneumophilia)…