Alprox Mouthwash

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Alprox is a ready to use mouth rinsing solution for the cleaning and care of the mouth cavity as well as gingival pockets during and after the treatment of paradontosis.The product is effective to protect from gingivitis,periodontitis and support the regeneration of the periodontium. ­Alprox can also be used as rinsing solution for the cleaning and care of gingival pockets during/after removal of tartar and concrements and for rinsing the root canal.

Alprox ph range fom 5 – 6  when undiluted , so  Alprox mouth wash support probiotic growth in oral cavity .

Alprox contain phenylalanine that manage all skin disorders.

Alprox has no negative effect on the action of detergents and disinfectants in the aspiration system.

Alprox dont contain chlorhexidine , so donot have the side effects related to it.

Alprox is free from alcohol , sugare and has fresh mint flavor .

Alprox can be used also for ultrasonic devices disinfection , the 1 litre size form .


•Protects from gingivitis and periodontitis
•Supports the regeneration of the paradontium.
•Guards teeth from discoloration


Gargle for 1 minute 20 mL. of solution. Do not swallow


• Phenylalanine
• Polyaminopropyl biguanides
• Tosylchloramide sodium
• Sorbitol
• Ethylenediaminetetraacetate
• Allantoin
• Flavor



300 mL. Bottle
120 mL. Bottle

Scientific and Microbial Tests

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