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A highly economical liquid concentrate for thorough cleaning and disinfection of all washable surfaces floors and equipment in the surgical, dental and medical clinics. DesNet is effective against bacteria. Fungi and viruses (including HBV & HIV).


• Free of Aldehydes and Phenols
• Free of Phosphates
• Free of Cyclic Hydrocarbons
• Biodegradable according to the classification by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and development)


Remove cap of dosing section. Fill it with 20mL of DesNet by pressing the bottle slightly. Dilute this amount with 980 mL.of water to make 1 Liter 2% solution.
For Manual Use:
Use sprayer or cloth soaked with 20% DesNet solution to clean and disinfect washable surfaces. Action time is 30-60 min. Wipe Dry.
For Machine Use (Floor Cleaner):
Fill receptacle of machine with 2% DesNet solution and use according to machine instruction.
• Unused diluted solution is good for one (1) week use.


Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Alkaline Cleaning Agents.


• Do not mix with other cleaners or disinfectants.
• Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Incases if contact, rinse with plenty of water.


1 Liter Dosage Bottle
5 Liter

Scientific and Microbial Tests

• Prof. Dr. Frosner, Max-von Pettenkofer Institute, Munich Germany, HBsAG Procedure.
• Prof. Dr. Sandow, Martin-Luther Halle University, Wittenberg, Germany, DGHM Procedure.