Manual Cleaning And Disinfection For Hollow Part Instruments ( Dental & Medical ).

WL-KIT  will completely remove any blood or debris in the handpiece and other hollow part instruments .

1-WL-Clean cleans the internal surfaces.

2-WL-Cid disinfects with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity (including any enveloped viruses such as coronavirus).

3- WL -Blow ,finally  blows out any leftover solution or tissue  to be ready for lubrication with an oiling solution.

Watch the WL-System in use here.



WL-KIT SYSTEM (WL-Clean / WL-Cid / WL-Dry )For Dental Handpieces and others .

WL-KIT FOR Manual Cleaning And Disinfection For Hollow Part Instruments ( Dental  and general  Medical ) like dental handpieces ,endoscopy and others .

The WL System Starter Kit will clean, disinfect and blow out any fixed or baked-on protein that cannot be removed by traditional methods or sterilization.

The dental handpiece is a vital part of equipment in any dental surgery. It is one that is heavily contaminated with saliva, blood products and tissue on a regular basis. It is easy to see the external contamination on a handpiece after surgery, but what is happening on the inside?

Remember that the external contamination on a handpiece after surgery can be easily removed check here. 

the internal contamination occurs when the treatment procedure is interrupted resulting in re-suction. Incorrectly or poorly maintained dental unit waterlines can also introduce contamination, leaving you with internal channels that are now contaminated and a potential cross infection risk.

If no internal cleaning or disinfection has been performed, any contamination still inside the handpiece, such as blood can become “baked” into the handpiece during  sterilization .

SO Adopting a handpiece internal cleaning and disinfection protocol will future-proof your practice and protect your staff and patients .

Watch the usage of WL SYSTEM HERE .

WL-KIT used for Hollow part Instruments like :

1-Handpieces ( Contra-angles and straight  ones )

2-Turbines .

3-Internally cooled instruments (Endoscopes and others )

dental handpieces maintenance ksa
dental handpieces maintenance

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Handpieces maintenance procedures after cleaning and disinfection :

1-Lubricate the handpieces.

Use the proper lubricating tip to spray oil into the drive airline. Spray until oil comes out of the handpiece head. This ensures that lubricant has penetrated to the bearings. Even if the lubricant is delivered incorrectly, oil coming from the head indicates it has reached the bearings.

2-Run the handpieces to expel excess oil.

After lubrication, it is important to run the handpiece to evenly distribute the oil through the bearings, and to expel excess oil to prevent coagulation during autoclaving.

3-Sterilizing handpieces

The acceptable methods of sterilization include chemical vapor sterilizers, dry heat, and autoclaves. Ethylene oxide gas is not recommended for dental handpieces .

What to look for in a handpiece from a sterilization aspect

Some things to consider when purchasing a handpiece:

  1. Is it designed to be autoclavable
  2. Does it have sleek, smooth designs that will not hold debris
  3. Is the finish able to withstand the sterilization process over a long period of time? Titanium withstands chemicals and the sterilization process better than chrome plate.
  4. Does it have smooth surfaces that do not trap debris and bacteria and a seamless finish with no gap between outer casings.

The mission of the National Dental Handpiece Association is to improve clients’ ability to deliver patient care by maintaining their powered instruments with exceptional service and integrity, so The above  guidelines represent a general approach to handpiece maintenance.

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    WL-Clean (1)

    NO Protein Fixation

    Protein Residues Removal

    WL-cid (2)

    Spectrum of activity in 5 minutes






    check the presentation tab. for more clarification

    1-WL-Clean (1)  then  WL-cid (2)

    Spray 2 times x 3 Seconds

    Contact time 5 minutes

    2-WL-dry/ WL-Blow(3)

    After each step for Removing of residues of cleaning , disinfection agents and maintenance products


    WL-clean / WL-cid / WL-dry

    1- WL-Clean (1) ( water -based )




    2-WL-cid (2) ( Alcohol – based )

    ALCOHOL 60% (ethanol,isopropanol)

    QAC < 0.1 %

    Tert. alkylamine


    3-WL-dry/ WL-Blow(3)

    • medically pure gas • drying spray channels / inner surface • supports cleaning





    WL-Clean (1) approvals

    1-For spray channels ( water & air ) cleaning

    2-For complete internal cleaning.

    3-For surgical hollow part instruments cleaning.