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  • Alprox Mouthwash

    ر.س34.99 inc. VAT

    Alprox is a ready to use mouth rinsing solution for the cleaning and care of the mouth cavity as well as gingival pockets during the treatment of paradontosis. the product is effective to protect from gingivitis, periodontitis and support the regeneration of the periodontium. Alprox prevent and treats gum receding coz it contains phenylalanine that support collagen and elastin formation. Alprox increase saliva secretion that helps to strengthen tooth enamel, bad odour control, probiotic support and mouth cavity moisturizing specially for smokers because it contains xylitol sugar. Alprox help in tartar removal and formation control due to edta .


  • APMD KSA hygiene kit with pack


    HYGIENE KIT is a portable hygiene kit to be your first line of defense against pathogenic bacteria and viruses that can cause infection. It contains products for skin and surface disinfection as well as mouthwash for oral care . it is a convenient kit that  provide full sanitization on the go with enough of each item to provide comprehensive cleansing for two weeks . Each kit contains hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes for hand and other wipes for surface disinfection and disposable  mouthwash for oral care  – everything required to stay safe in any working environment.

    • Ready-kit  equipped with everything you need at your fingertips to stay clean and feel fresh anywhere
    • be safe during travel ,UMRAH and Hajj JOURNEY