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  • APMD KSA AlproZyme

    Alprozyme-Equipment Cleaner-Powder

    AlproZyme is Alkaline-enzymatic cleaning  granulate for Pre-cleaning and Pre-disinfection .

    1-Useable in soaking bath, in ultrasonic devices and washer disinfectors.

    2-For the cleaning and pre-disinfection of medical and dental instruments, rotating precision instruments and endoscopes.

    3-Alkaline – Enzymatic dual-action ( Cleaning and disinfection )

    4-Powerful removal of protein and tissues.

    5-Biofilm Removal

    6-Non Foaming , so it is designed as a pre-autoclave or pre-automated system cleaner .

    7-Non Corrosive  , so it is safe on all materials

    Formula Features  of Alprozyme :

    1-Powder Granules

    Activated when diluted by hot water unlike Other solution forms  that quickly become inactive because enzymes eat each others in the solution  forms  .

    2-Alkaline PH

    Alkaline PH good for soil decontamination , Alprozyme  powder actively working even in alkaline ph  due to the specific formula .

    3-Enzymes are  waxed ( Coated ) :

    To avoid enzymes eating each others  because enzymes are protein in nature  .

    Alprozyme Powder Efficacy :

    Alprozyme has exceptional efficacy. Provides high staff protection (TRBA 250),

    1-Cleaning (at .5% Concentration ) : one sachet + 2 litre hot water .

    Removes proteins ,fat, residues of tissues as well as biofilms in addition  other debris .

    2-Virucidal (at 1 % Concentration ) : one sachet + 1 litre  hot water .

    virucidal according to EN 16777 against non-enveloped adeno, Noro and Parvo-viruses as well as all enveloped blood-borne viruses e. g. HBV, HCV, HIV and Influenza at 1 % concentration before comprehensive disinfection.

    Contact time:

    • 15 – 30 minutes in soaking bath (20 – 30°C)
    • 5 – 15 minutes in ultrasonic cleaner (20 – 40°C)
    • Maximum contact time: 60 minutes

    Alprozyme Equipment cleaner package Details :

    Pack of 100 sachets   – 10 Gram Powder scahet

    The Product is CE Marked and manufactured under technical collaboration with Alpro Medical GMBH, Germany.


  • APMD KSA Bib forte two sizes

    BIB forte

    BIB forte is a highly effective concentrated liquid for cleaning and desinfecting rotary instruments like diomond drills, tungsten carbide insruments, tooth crown cutters, root canal instruments, surgical instruments, rubber polishers, etc. and hand insruments, such as forceps, probes, dental mirrors, cutters, etc.

  • APMD KSA Bib forte eco two sizes

    BIB Forte-Eco | Dental & Medical Instrument Cleaner & Disinfectant

    liquid concentrate for the non- protein-fixing cleaning and disinfection of medical and dental instrument 

    BIB Forte -ECHO Used For :

    • Medical instrument like extraction forceps , endoscopes as well as  cutting instruments 
    • Dental instrument
    • Dental Rotary precision instruments like diamond drills, tooth crown cutters, root canal instruments and root pull-out pins in addition to mouth mirrors etc.

    Efficacy /Certification   :

    • bactericidal (including TBC and suitable for hospitalism prophylaxis)
    • yeasticidal
    • virucidal activity
    • VAH/DGHM listed – instrument disinfection at high organic load

    Contact Time :

    5-60 minutes

    Active Ingredient Basis

    • Modern combination of Alkylamine in addition to Biguanide

    Characteristics :

    • Concentrated disinfectant liquid.
    • Free of phenols and aldehydes.
    • Non-corrosive.
    • Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.
    • Biodegradable.
    •  Durable for 7 days at normal contamination

     Dosage :

    It used at  concentration  of 5% solution to effectively kill bacteria, fungi and viruses too in just 5-60 minutes.

    Durability period

    • 7 days at normal contamination

    delivery Forms :

    • 1 litre ( Dosing Bottle  )
    • 5 Litre ( Refilling Bottle )


    • limited spectrum of virucidal activity according to EN 14476 (40°C) 
    • virucidal  action according to EN 16777 ( high level ) after the pre-cleaning with AlproZyme. 


  • APMD KSA Bib forte ultra two sizes

    BIB forte-ULTRA

    BIB forte-ULTRA is a liquid concentrate free of aldehydes, phenols and QAC for the non- protein-?xing cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments used in the diagnosis and surgical procedures like extraction forceps, cutting instruments, etc.

  • APMD KSA Instruclean single


    IC-100/InstruClean 100 is a ready-to-use pre-cleaning foam spray for medical and dental instruments. Its non-protein fixing formula dissolves residues of blood (containing proteins) and other body fluids from surfaces of medical and dental devices.

  • APMD KSA rehydrate two sizes


    ReHydrate is a ready to use, non-aerosol pre-cleaner spray Gel for soiled instruments. It is specially formulated to maintain moisture for used in medical instruments to isolate blood, protein and tissues to reduce airborne contamination.

  • APMD KSA wl kit full


    Manual Cleaning And Disinfection For Hollow Part Instruments ( Dental & Medical ).

    WL-KIT  will completely remove any blood or debris in the handpiece and other hollow part instruments .

    1-WL-Clean cleans the internal surfaces.

    2-WL-Cid disinfects with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity (including any enveloped viruses such as coronavirus).

    3- WL -Blow ,finally  blows out any leftover solution or tissue  to be ready for lubrication with an oiling solution.

    Watch the WL-System in use here.