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  • APMD KSA AlcoFree Foam Single

    Alco-Free Foam| Alcohol Free-Hand-Antiseptic-550ML

    Alco-Free Foam is an antiseptic for hand and skin that dispenses as a foam .

    It is water-based and Alcohol free especially formulated for sensitive skin.

     Alco-Free Foam Antiseptic For Hand and Skin :

    It combines the antibacterial properties of the formulation , the luxury of a foam and the Moisturizing of a lotion .

    It is a Fast acting alcohol-free foam Hand antiseptic 550ml plus a handy 550ml refill .

    Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganism that helps prevent bacterial cross-contamination among medical and dental staff and their patients as well .

     Usage :

    It is ideal for use in homes, schools, daycare, senior living facilities, delivery drivers, frontline workers, corrections and dental, doctor in addition to chiropractic clinics.

    Alco-Free FOAM  is hand antiseptic  that people genuinely like to use, which results in better hand hygiene.

    Alco-Free Foam Features :

    • Economical : 550 ml dispense more than  3000  doses neatly as Foam .
    • fast-acting
    • Antimicrobial & Cleansing 
    • Dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue, unlike typical alcohol based products
    • Alcohol-free formula is up to 1000x more effective at killing germs than the typical high street product
    • Effective against bacteria and viruses 
    • Longer Lasting Protection
    • it contain  moisturizers for maximum protection for the hands.
    • Kills up to 99.99% of germs on contact
    • Water-based/Non-flammable
    • Alcohol-Free
    • Pleasant smell
    • Ideal for children and sufferers of existing skin irritations
    •  Suitable for everyone


  • Gelsept -hand sanitizer

    Gelsept Antiseptic Hand Gel

    Gelsept Antiseptic hand gel is fast, convenient and economical way to disinfect hands when soap and water is not readily available.

    The product helps prevent bacteria-cross contamination among dental staff and their patient.

    Gelsept is fast-acting and leaves no stick or tacky residue on the skin.

    Its special formulation contains natural moisturizers to protect hands and skin from drying out even after repeated use.

  • APMD KSA HexiScrub 2

    HexiScrub-2 |Chlorhexidine 2% -Surgical Scrub |Hand Wash

    • It is a 2% Chlorhexidine-Gluconate based solution that can be used as a handwash and a surgical scrub .
    • 2% chlorhexidine gluconate active ingredient-preferred by many healthcare professionals .
    • Indicated for use in antimicrobial hand washing , pre-operative body washing and showering.
    • It is commonly used at clinical sinks and in patient bathrooms for showering as well .

    Applications Areas & Instructions

     Surgical Hand Scrub 

      • Wet hands and forearms with water and apply 5 ml of HexiScrub-2
      • Wash/scrub hands  and forearms for 3 minutes paying attention to the nails, cuticles, and interdigital space.
      • Rinse thoroughly with water.
      • Wash for an additional 3 minutes with 5 ml of the product and rinse under running water.
      • Dry thoroughly.

    Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash

      • Wet hands with water.
      • Dispense about 5 ml of the product  into cupped hands and wash in a vigorous manner for 15-30 Seconds .
      • Rinse and dry thoroughly 

    Skin Wound and General Skin Cleansing 

      • Thoroughly rinse the area to be cleaned with water.
      • Apply the minimum amount of the product necessary to cover the skin or wound area and wash gently.
      • Rinse thoroughly with water

    Pre-operative skin antisepsis for the patient

      • Wash whole body in the bath at least twice, usually day before and day of operation with 25 ml of HexiScrub-2% 
      • Starting with the face and working downwards for 2 minutes.
      • Rinse with water.
      • Repeat with further 25ml including hair.
      • Rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a clean towel.
    calibrated pump capacity 2 ml per push .
    Avoiding the ears and eyes 
    Rinse thoroughly and dry.

    Features & Benefits :

    • 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate : Complies with the EN1499 standard requirements for a hygienic hand wash.
    • Good Skin Compatibility : non-irritating in use.
    • Perfume-free and dye-free  : Ideal for people who are sensitive 
    • Contains Moisturizers 
    • Quick and easy to use 
    • Exceptional antimicrobial persistence
    • Hygienic cartridge (Bag ) with no wastage 

    Formula Features :

    • Newer technology allows 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) to be as efficacious as 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
    • Saves water and energy : Foam format can save up to 45% on water consumption and associated energy costs compared to lotion soaps.
    • Fast acting formula rapidly kills transient and resident microorganisms on the skin.
    • Thicker formulation for less run-off and better lathering characteristics, and is amber in color, with a fresh scent

    Delivery Form :

    • 500 ML Bottle with Pump
    • 1 L Bag for Dispenser 
  • APMD KSA isopropyl IPA 300ml

    Isopropyl Alcohol 70% (IPA)

    Isopropyl Alcohol 70% is a topical antiseptic & antibacterial solution  for hands ,walls , furniture ,tools , laboratory utensil and surfaces.