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  • Alprosept hand and skin disinfectant

    Alprosept Hand and Skin sanitizer Solution

    Alprosept is a potent Alcoholic and Glycerol based sanitizer solution for Hand disinfection as well as  for Skin disinfection.

    Alprosept  used before carrying out ordinary injections and punctures of peripheral vessels , vaccination and blood sample collection  .

    Safety  : Alprosept solution Used friendly compared to chlorohexidine based chemicals which has characteristics of discoloration of the skin, allergenic reactions and  sticky residues .

    Ready to use , It does not need to be diluted

    Quick bactericidal activity (just in 30 seconds) :

    • Against spore forming bacteria .
    • Multi drug resistant microbes 
    • Removes 99.99% of a broad range of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses just in 30 seconds
    • Alprosept reduce nosocomial infections by hand disinfection .
    • Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal as well as  Virucidal (HBV/HIV/HCV) in 30 Secs

    It has an Excellent Residual activity   :

    Alprosept Exhibit persistent antimicrobial activity against resident flora for 6 hours and against transient flora for 1 hour

    Alprosept has Good skin compliance :

    • Alcohol and Glycerol Based Hand and Skin Disinfectant
    • Free of phenols and aldehydes .
    • it contains Moisturizers  that preserve the skin integrity even on frequent use .



  • Gelsept -hand sanitizer

    Gelsept Antiseptic Hand Gel

    Gelsept Antiseptic hand gel is fast, convenient and economical way to disinfect hands when soap and water is not readily available.

    The product helps prevent bacteria-cross contamination among dental staff and their patient.

    Gelsept is fast-acting and leaves no stick or tacky residue on the skin.

    Its special formulation contains natural moisturizers to protect hands and skin from drying out even after repeated use.