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What is the dental suction system?

Before talking about the AlproJet-DD product, the dental suction system is a very important component of the dental clinic. In 1961, the German company Dürr Dental made the first dental suction system. Since that time, the suction system has become very popular in dentistry.

This invention completely changed the way dentists worked, who began treating their patients horizontally instead of vertically. With the suction system, not only is the hygiene of the process improved but the working environment and comfort for the patient and the professional are also improved.

The medical suction pump is an essential part of the equipment in any dental clinic or clinic. Its main use is related to reducing or eliminating cross-contamination between patient and dentist through actuators and suction systems.

The right suction pump improves results, reduces the risk of complications, and can intervene immediately in the event of a serious dental emergency.

A suction device is a machine responsible for sucking the saliva that accumulates in the patient’s oral cavity. The suction system consists of the motor and tubes, and the end part of the suction system installed on the dental unit is composed of rubber tubes and suction cannulas.

What is the importance of dental suction systems?

The invention of the dental suction system and dental air compressors changed the way dentists performed dental treatments. Where previously patients were treated while sitting upright, which limited access to the teeth and gum tissue at the back of the arch, the dental suction unit enabled dentists to treat patients while lying horizontally in the dentist’s chair. This paved the way for the development of advanced dental procedures and high-tech dental instruments and the improvement of the quality of dental work worldwide.

AlproJet-DD Review

Dental suction and separation systems are important for several reasons, they help keep the work area clean and free of any deposits, they protect the patient from inhaling any dust or particles, and they help keep equipment clean, it is important to clean and care for these systems Regularly to make sure it is working properly and that the patient is safe.

That’s why we introduce Alprojet-DD, a concentrated fluid used to clean and care for suction and separation systems in the field of dentistry, contains a special cleaner that effectively removes dental plaque, saliva, and blood In addition, Alprojet-DD protects the surfaces of the system from corrosion.

The importance of AlproJet-DD

It is very important to rid dental clinics of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, they can cause a variety of diseases in patients, and can be difficult to treat, by keeping the clinic clean and free of these organisms, patients will be safer and have a better experience in the clinic, so they should Be sure to get AlproJet-DD, as it must be essential to you.

أهمية ألبروجت دي دي - AlproJet-DD

The dental office is likely to receive a wide range of patients, each with oral care needs to use a special cleanser that effectively removes saliva and blood, the dental clinic can ensure that all surfaces are clean and free of bacteria, this can help reduce the risk of infection and keep the clinic environment safe For both staff and patients. The dental clinic needs to use a special cleaner because it is important to remove all traces of saliva and blood, these substances can contain bacteria that can cause infection and inflammation It is necessary to clean the area completely to prevent any health problems.

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