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  • APMD KSA Alpron Single

    Alpron-For-Dental waterlines

    Daily Decontamination of Dental Unit Waterlines :

    The Alpron solution  has been designed to remove the biofilm build-up in dental units, plus is an ongoing treatment preventing regrowth and hence ensuring drinking quality water from the unit.

    How to use Alpron Solution :

    Mixing Alpron to 1% solution , Alpron is used at a 1% concentration to maintain the cleanliness of waterlines .

    For example, to make 5 Litres of mixed 1% Alpron solution, mix 50mls of Alpron with 4950mls of potable water (Tap or distilled). 

    Daily Flushing By Alpron Solution :

    Alpron must be flushed through the lines regularly to ensure it is fresh in the lines.

    Flush 1 minute morning and night and 30 seconds between patients. 

    Alpron Efficacy  :

    It effectively protects against algae and lime deposits and prevents lime scale formation when warming water or after water has cool down.

    BIOFILM  formation prevention and Removal .

    Bactericidal and Yeasticidal .

    Unlike other products available there is no need to perform a weekly flush as the Alpron solution is used continually within the DUWLs which eliminates one less procedure for the dental team.