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  • APMD KSA AlproJet-DD Two sizes

    AlproJet-DD |Daily Cleaning & Disinfection For Dental Suction System (Aspirator) And Spittoon Bowl

    Daily Maintenance of Dental Aspiration systems and Spittoon bowl

    AlproJet-DD is a concentrated liquid .

    All dental suction and Vacuum Aspiration systems With or without Amalgam separator.

    It Cleans, Disinfects and Deodorizes

    Alprojet-DD-daily cleaning and disinfection -dental suction systemIt is compatible with all materials .

    It is Foam-free cleaning concentrate liquid for all types of suction system and amalgam separator

    Efficacy :

    • bactericidal
    • yeasticidal
    • virus-inactivating 
    • Dissolves biofilm and prevents formation of sludge through blood and proteins
    • The solution for contaminated suction systems – provides reliable protection against infection
    • certified by VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) /DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Micro- biology), meets the DGHM requirements and EN-standards for the disinfection of instruments
    •  Recommended by leading equipment manufacturers because  , It has Certified material compatibility .

    Features :

    • Aldehyde-free ,chlorine-free and phenol-free
    • Foaming  Free and cleaning disinfectant concentrate based on quaternary ammonium salts.
    •  High dirt-dissolving power towards deposits , saliva residues and drilling dusts.
    • Good material compatibility.
    • Even very low concentrations are sufficient to achieve rapid effectiveness.
    • Clean , Disinfect and Deodorize
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • Pleasant odor
    • Highly effective and fast at low concentrations.
    • Low application concentration (5%)
    • Highly intensive cleaning effect against deposits and sludge

    Application For Dental Suction System :

    For the reliable cleaning, disinfection and care it is recommended that  For one application , you should use 2 Liter  of a 5 % solution  .

    • Prepare 2 liter of Alprojet-DD  5 % solution  to be ready for use .
    • We Recommend the suction of Ready To Use Solution of 1 liter per treatment unit .
    • The Spittoon Bowel Must be disinfected with at least 250ml solution .

    For 1 liter preparation ( 50 ml From Alprojet-DD + 950 ML warm water )

    • Alprojet-DD is used  1 – 2  times  per day (at noon and in the evening).
    • Let take effect for at least 10-30 minutes .
    • The disinfectant solution of  Alprojet-DD can remain in the system until the next restart of the assembly .

    Rinse aspiration tubes and spittoon bowl thoroughly with water just before starting to work.
    Please follow the manufacturer‘s instructions as .

    We Recommend Rinsing the system with  at least 2 liter cold water prior to the first patient and following the expiry of the exposure time .

    Spittoon Bowl can be cleaned and disinfected  with other Surface disinfectant  solution or wipes ( Minuten wipes or PlastiSept Wipes  OR Alprocleaner solution


  • APMD KSA Printosept-ID Multi

    PrintoSept-ID | Dental Impression Cleaner-Disinfectant |Ready To Use Solution

    • Ready for use for the cleaning and disinfection of all kinds of dental impressions , worn dental prostheses and dental works.
    •  Also  used in devices disinfection for the processing of impressions, models, bite templates as well as auxiliaries, etc.
    • In addition to disinfectant effect the solution has very good cleaning properties .

    Ready to Use For Dental Impression and Prosthesis :

    • Ready to use high performance disinfectant and cleaner for the comprehensive disinfection of dental impressions
    • Designed for dental prostheses and all types of dental impressions (including alginates, silicones and polyether and plaster impressions )

    PrintoSept-ID Features :

    • Cleaning and Disinfection for all types of dental Impression without altering their properties.
    •  Free of aldehydes and phenols
    • Fresh and pleasant smell.
    •  Ready to use soaking solution
    • Bactericidal , virucidal and fungicidal effect .
    • Fast action from 1-5 minute 

    Durability in use :

    It has Durability in use  For 2 days with normal contamination (scientific approval).

    Efficacy/Certification (undiluted) :

    • Bactericidal including TBC
    • Yeasticidal
    • Virus inactivating active against all enveloped including blood-borne“ viruses such including HBV, HCV, HIV, Herpes simplex, Influenza including  H1N1 + H5N1, BVDV and Vaccinia) .
    • Certified by VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene)/DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology), meets the DGHM requirements and EN standards for the disinfection of instruments.

     Contact times (undiluted):

    • Bactericidal 1 minute 
    • Yeasticidal 1 minute
    • fungicidal 1 minute
    • Tuberculocidal 5 minute
    • Virus inactivating active against all enveloped viruses  5 min.

    Directions for Use For Dental Impression :

    • Clean any physical debris such as blood and saliva from the impression with water.
    •  Pour required quantity of PrintoSept -ID into a suitable container.
    • Completely immerse the impression tray or prostheses in the solution.
    • Cover for five (5) minutes then remove and rinse under cold running water.         

    Delivery form

    • 5 L (Refill Impression Cleaner )
    •  1 L Tray