what is a dental waterline?

Before talking about Alpron we should know A dental waterline is a tube that runs from the dental unit to the water supply It is used to deliver water to the dental unit and to rinse the equipment The water line can become contaminated if not properly maintained which can cause serious health problems for patients.

why dental waterline is important?

A dental waterline is important because it helps to keep your teeth clean The waterline is a thin strip of plastic that runs along the inside of your toothbrush’s bristles When you brush your teeth the waterline directs water towards the areas between your teeth and gums helping to remove plaque and bacteria.

What is Alpron?

Alpron is a concentrated solution for the continuous disinfection of water used in dental treatment centers (including instruments and cup fillers). The solution is effective in protecting against algae and the formation of sediments and lime salts resulting from heating the water or after it has cooled. The product provides a long-lasting antiseptic effect against bacteria and fungi. Alpron is physiologically and environmentally harmless.


How to use Alpron – mixing Alpron for a 1% solution

Alpron is used at a concentration of 1% to keep water lines clean. Store the mixed Alpron in an Alpron storage container or another suitable opaque container. You can use distilled or potable tap water if it is not available to mix the Alpron solution.

Alpron Features

  • 1 Litre solution.
  • Bactericidal.
  • Clinically proven to be effective against Legionella.
  • Yeasticidal.
  • CE Marked.
  • Clinically Proven.
  • Physiologically Harmless.
  • Excellent Material Compatibility.
  • Supplied with Protocol sheet and audit documents.
  • Excellent long-term efficacy.

Clean Water Bottle – Should You Take It Off At Night?

No, it is not necessary, you may leave the bottle on at all times unless refilling with Alpron or cleaning the bottle from water. Alpron is a product for continuous use and therefore must be in the system at all times to be effective. HTM01-05 has caused some confusion with the practices as it states that the clean water bottle should be removed at night and air-dried.

How long can I store the Alpron mixture?
Alpron mixture can be stored for up to 7 days in an opaque container.

Do I remove the clean water bottle?
No, leave the clean water bottle open at all times, unless refilling with Alpron or cleaning the bottle itself.

How long do I take to erase fonts?
Rinse for 1 minute morning and evening and 30 seconds between patients.

Is Alpron suitable for use in a chair?
Yes, the Alpron and BRS systems have excellent material compatibility and are approved for use in most major chair manufacturers including China-Dental, Heka Dental, Planmeca, Ritter, and Dentsply Sirona. If your chair has a decontamination system built-in, please contact us before using the Alpron system for specific instructions.

What certifications does Alpron have?
Alpron passed – ISO 16954:2015 – Dentistry – Test methods for a waterline biofilm treatment unit in a rental unit. In addition, bearing the CE mark, it is a Class 11a medical device, bactericide, and yeasticide.

Is Alpron safe to use on my patients?
Yes, of course, Alpron is absolutely harmless from a physiological point of view, it is safe to use on patients. Alpron has a mint taste, however, it is synthetic and will not cause any problems for patients allergic to mint.

What ingredients are in Alpron?
Alpron is a mixture of biguanides, complexing agents, and sodium tocichloramide.

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