Manually Wall Mounted  Dispenser

It is a high quality Dispenser with the refillable container inside fixed .

wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers that offer a clean look  disinfectant dispenser .

Where to use :

perfect to use at bathrooms and kitchens in home, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant.

Features :

Easy To Install .

It is Designed to indicate the liquid level .

Great for liquid or gel hand sanitizer also for  foam gel and soaps , shampoo and others .

Great for hand sanitizing and  hand washing .




It is a high quality Dispenser with the refillable container inside fixed.

Manually Wall mounted  dispenser offering a clean look  disinfectant dispenser .

Features for APMD dispenser

  • Designed to indicate the liquid level
  • with a refillable design for convenient use.
  • It has robust design that completely blends with your space
  • This machine is made from high-quality materials ( plastic )  for prolonged use.
  • used indoor and outdoor
  • used for hotels , hospitals ,home and others
  • Easy To Install
  • for hospitality , residential  and home application
  • Can be placed  anywhere.
  • Great for liquid or gel hand sanitizer
  • Perfect to use at bathrooms and kitchens in home, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant.


Proven dispenser in hospitals, trusted everywhere.

Providing Hand Sanitizer in a manual  dispensers is a convenient, easy way to give guests, customers, and employees access to the hand sanitizing . There’s a solution for every facility, from gel or foam hand sanitizer, green-certified formulations, and more, so you can keep your business running smoothly with less maintenance.

Keep all the germs and bacteria away with highly  protection by using APMD Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizing Gel and washing  Dispenser White and Grey.

Bacteria are everywhere. We carry many germs on our hands, to reduce the spread of bacteria, you must wash your hands frequently. In a time of heightened awareness of personal hygiene and attention to cleanliness, sanitizing dispenser  is a nice way  for the  fast prevention of germ spread . Our hand soap and gel  dispenser has made it so convenient for us to keep our hands clean.

Why you choose our product ?

1-Save Space because its  Wall Mounted Design, It does not take up counter space in the bathroom or somewhere.

2- Small and Sleek Design , so you could refill shampoo or conditioner which you like and used them when taking a shower.

3- Wide refill opening , so Makes it easy to refill your soap without messy drips.

4– NO HOLES  and EASY INSTALLATION , so  Do not worried about drilling holes in the bathroom titles and this was the perfect solution. Sticks to the tiles perfectly.

5– With transparent visual window, so you can check the soap volume and refill it timely.

6- Any Gel Sanitizer can be used in this Dispenser: it dispenses the perfect amount each time you pump with your hand and you can refill this dispenser with any hand gel sanitizer you want.

7-Transparent window design, so you can check the volume of the hand sanitizer at any time.

8-Waterproof Body because it has Silicone waterproof material, can also work normally after splashing with water.

9- Versatile Uses: School, Hospital, Bathroom, Living Room, Hotel, Offices, Kitchen and so on.

3-Level dosage adjustable , so you can  just pick the Level as you need at the first time.

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