Cremana Wash & Dispenser Bundle

Gelsept Antiseptic Hand Gel

  • Broad spectrum antibacterial hand wash 
  • Specially formulated for frequent use  for general persons , doctors ,dentists and medical staff in hospital.

It's creamy liquid formula spreads easily and washes away germs from the corners of your hands.

Easy to use Hand Wash

It helps skin retain its moisture and leaves skin feeling healthy and fresh

 Formula :

Its mild formula is gentle to the skin , The formula is loaded with fatty acids to help replenish moisture, along with 5 percent shea milk and Goat milk to soothe and protect.

Antibacterial Effect :

Cremana wash is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

It’s an inexpensive option that is clinically proven to eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria while still smelling great .

Features  :

  • Helps to maintain skins natural protective properties used for cleansing throughout the day
  • Comes in 500 ml  easy to use pump . Also available 1 l Bag and Bottle in addition to 5 l refill container 
  • Won't strip away natural oils like soap can. 
  •  Contain 5%  shea milk and goat milk  for skin hydration
  • Use as often as often as required for bathing , showering or hand washing. 
  • Provides foam with non soap surfactants for an effective cleanse with the added benefit of shea milk for skin hydration
  • Dermatologically  low irritant formula.
  • Free from fragrance colour and other common irritants
  • Contains no animal derived ingredients
  • Fast Action For Germ protection 

Delivery Forms :

  • 500 ML Bottle with Pump
  • 1 L Bag For Wall Mounted  Dispenser 
  • 1 L Bottle 
  • 5 L refilling container 


Temporarily unavailable

Gelsept Antiseptic Hand Gel

Manually Wall Mounted  Dispenser

It is a high quality Dispenser with the refillable container inside fixed .

wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers that offer a clean look  disinfectant dispenser .

Where to use :

perfect to use at bathrooms and kitchens in home, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant.

Features :

Easy To Install .

It is Designed to indicate the liquid level .

Great for liquid or gel hand sanitizer also for  foam gel and soaps , shampoo and others .

Great for hand sanitizing and  hand washing .


Temporarily unavailable

This product is currently unavailable.


Cremana antibacterial is broad spectrum hand wash, specially formulated for frequent use of doctors,dentists and medical staff in hospital. Its mild formula is gentle to the skin. Cremana wash is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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