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  • APMD KSA AlcoFree Foam Single

    AlcoFree Foam

    Alco-Free Foam is an antiseptic for hands antiseptic.It is water-based and alcohol free espiciakky formulated for sensitive skin.

  • APMD KSA Alrpocleaner Two sizes


    AlproCleaner is a special alkaline liquid prepared for uses as a cleaning and disinfecting agent. It cleans and disinfects spittoon bowls in all dental surgery units equipped with amalgam separators.

  • APMD KSA AlproJet-DD Two sizes


    AlproJet-DD is a concentrated liquid preparation for the cleaning and maintenance of all dental suction and separation systems.

  • APMD KSA AlproJet-W Two Sizes


    AlproJet-W is a concentrated liquid for the weekly cleaning and care of dental aspiration systems equipped or not with amalgam separators.

  • APMD KSA Alpron Single


    Alpron is a concentrated liquid for the continuous daily decontamination of water used in dental treatment centers (including instrumentations and the tumbler filler). It effectively protects against algae and lime deposits and prevents lime scale formation when warming water or after water has cool down.

  • APMD KSA AlproSept


    Alprosept is a potent alcoholic and glycerol based solution for hand disinfection as well as  for skin disinfection before carrying out ordinary injections and punctures of peripheral vessels , vaccination and blood sample collection .The products contain active substance that prevent the proliferation of cutaneous bacteria that may cause skin infection.