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  • APMD KSA AlcoFree Foam Single

    Alco-Free Foam| Alcohol Free-Hand-Antiseptic-550ML

    Alco-Free Foam is an antiseptic for hand and skin that dispenses as a foam .

    It is water-based and Alcohol free especially formulated for sensitive skin.

     Alco-Free Foam Antiseptic For Hand and Skin :

    It combines the antibacterial properties of the formulation , the luxury of a foam and the Moisturizing of a lotion .

    It is a Fast acting alcohol-free foam Hand antiseptic 550ml plus a handy 550ml refill .

    Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganism that helps prevent bacterial cross-contamination among medical and dental staff and their patients as well .

     Usage :

    It is ideal for use in homes, schools, daycare, senior living facilities, delivery drivers, frontline workers, corrections and dental, doctor in addition to chiropractic clinics.

    Alco-Free FOAM  is hand antiseptic  that people genuinely like to use, which results in better hand hygiene.

    Alco-Free Foam Features :

    • Economical : 550 ml dispense more than  3000  doses neatly as Foam .
    • fast-acting
    • Antimicrobial & Cleansing 
    • Dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue, unlike typical alcohol based products
    • Alcohol-free formula is up to 1000x more effective at killing germs than the typical high street product
    • Effective against bacteria and viruses 
    • Longer Lasting Protection
    • it contain  moisturizers for maximum protection for the hands.
    • Kills up to 99.99% of germs on contact
    • Water-based/Non-flammable
    • Alcohol-Free
    • Pleasant smell
    • Ideal for children and sufferers of existing skin irritations
    •  Suitable for everyone


  • APMD KSA Alrpocleaner Two sizes

    AlproCleaner |Spittoon Bowl Cleaner For dentist |Ready to Use

    • Ready to use Spittoon Bowl cleaner preventing formation of foam in Suction and  Aspiration systems with or without amalgam separators .
    • Contains an alkaline liquid cleaning agent  with disinfection action .
    •  It has an intensive cleaning action  , it easily removes residues of lime, blood and plaque dye tablets in addition to impression materials .

    AlproCleaner For Spittoon Bowl :

    It cleans and disinfects spittoon bowls in all dental surgery units equipped with or without  amalgam separators.

    The regular application of AlproCleaner guarantees a thorough and gentle cleaning treatment of spittoon bowls.

     AlproCleaner prevent any formation of foam in the suction and separation system and has very good material compatibility as well .

    Alprocleaner  Application :

    • Fill cleaning solution into dispensing bottle (applied undiluted )
    • Turn bottle upside down to dose (squeeze bottle once)
    • Simply spread AlproCleaner (10 to 20 ml) in the spittoon bowl
    • distribute evenly with uniform pressure using a brush.
    •  Remove visible residues with a plastic brush.
    • lastly ,Rinse with clear cold water.

    Exposure time is 1-2 minutes

    The accretion of contaminations can effectively be prevented by cleaning the spittoon bowl with  AlproCleaner  before treatment starts  .

    The application is recommended after each contamination.

    Use AlproCleaner as necessary, but always apply it in the evening before disinfecting the suction s

    AlproCleaner Spittoon Bowl Cleaner is thixotropic :

    It is thixotropic when  implies  because ,it continues to operate after evacuation.

     Efficacy :

    • Approved for use by major chair manufacturers.
    • Bactericidal (low contamination): contact time ( 1 minute )
    • TB (M. terrae) (high contamination) : contact time ( 1 minute )
    • Yeasticidal : candida albicans
    •  fungicidal
    • limited virucidal against non-enveloped viruses: adenovirus, norovirus.
    • Removes and disinfects biofilm and prevents blockages due to blood and proteins

     Features :

    • Microscopic thorough cleaning
    • Removes biofilms in the drain
    • Eliminates unpleasant odors
    • Perceived as pleasant by patients
    • Minimizes the risk of bacterial infection
    • Eco-friendly ingredients
    • Biodegradable
    • Not harmful or toxic during use
    • Aldehyde-free alkaline liquid cleaner with disinfecting effect
    • Ready for use
    •  Nonfoaming so it is suitable for all systems with amalgam separators.
    •  Does not scratch spittoon bowls.
    • Long-lasting effect: germs do not develop resistance.

    Approval :

    Approved and Recommended amongst others by Sirona Dental.

    Moreover, Tested in accordance with European standards 

    Activity basis :

     Quick-acting  , alkaline cleaning solution for the direct application based on Alcohol  besides QAC


    • Surfactants 
    • Sodium hydroxide 
    • Tensides and complexing agents
    • Odour Eliminator

    Personal Advice and contact :

    You wish personal advice on our products or need help? We are glad to be here for you.

    you can also visit our partner  in Germany ALPRO MEDICAL COMPANY .

  • APMD KSA AlproJet-DD Two sizes

    AlproJet-DD |Daily Cleaning & Disinfection For Dental Suction System (Aspirator) And Spittoon Bowl

    Daily Maintenance of Dental Aspiration systems and Spittoon bowl

    AlproJet-DD is a concentrated liquid .

    All dental suction and Vacuum Aspiration systems With or without Amalgam separator.

    It Cleans, Disinfects and Deodorizes

    Alprojet-DD-daily cleaning and disinfection -dental suction systemIt is compatible with all materials .

    It is Foam-free cleaning concentrate liquid for all types of suction system and amalgam separator

    Efficacy :

    • bactericidal
    • yeasticidal
    • virus-inactivating 
    • Dissolves biofilm and prevents formation of sludge through blood and proteins
    • The solution for contaminated suction systems – provides reliable protection against infection
    • certified by VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) /DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Micro- biology), meets the DGHM requirements and EN-standards for the disinfection of instruments
    •  Recommended by leading equipment manufacturers because  , It has Certified material compatibility .

    Features :

    • Aldehyde-free ,chlorine-free and phenol-free
    • Foaming  Free and cleaning disinfectant concentrate based on quaternary ammonium salts.
    •  High dirt-dissolving power towards deposits , saliva residues and drilling dusts.
    • Good material compatibility.
    • Even very low concentrations are sufficient to achieve rapid effectiveness.
    • Clean , Disinfect and Deodorize
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • Pleasant odor
    • Highly effective and fast at low concentrations.
    • Low application concentration (5%)
    • Highly intensive cleaning effect against deposits and sludge

    Application For Dental Suction System :

    For the reliable cleaning, disinfection and care it is recommended that  For one application , you should use 2 Liter  of a 5 % solution  .

    • Prepare 2 liter of Alprojet-DD  5 % solution  to be ready for use .
    • We Recommend the suction of Ready To Use Solution of 1 liter per treatment unit .
    • The Spittoon Bowel Must be disinfected with at least 250ml solution .

    For 1 liter preparation ( 50 ml From Alprojet-DD + 950 ML warm water )

    • Alprojet-DD is used  1 – 2  times  per day (at noon and in the evening).
    • Let take effect for at least 10-30 minutes .
    • The disinfectant solution of  Alprojet-DD can remain in the system until the next restart of the assembly .

    Rinse aspiration tubes and spittoon bowl thoroughly with water just before starting to work.
    Please follow the manufacturer‘s instructions as .

    We Recommend Rinsing the system with  at least 2 liter cold water prior to the first patient and following the expiry of the exposure time .

    Spittoon Bowl can be cleaned and disinfected  with other Surface disinfectant  solution or wipes ( Minuten wipes or PlastiSept Wipes  OR Alprocleaner solution


  • Alprojet-W-dental aspiration system-weekly cleaning and disinfection-apmd

    AlproJet-W | Weekly Dental Aspiration System Cleaner & Disinfectant

    For Weekly Cleaning and Disinfection Of Dental Aspiration and Medical Aspiration Systems with and without amalgam separator.

    AlproJet-W Is The Ideal Solution for :

    Simultaneous Disinfection and Deodorization ,as well as the cleaning and maintenance of all your suction systems and amalgam separators.

    AlproJet-W Solution used for :

    All types of Aspiration and Suction systems in Dental and Medical system .

    IT is Mainly intended to dissolve protein ,Thus the blood accumulating during surgical treatment can be easily drained from separator and centrifuge systems.

    Product Highlights

    Highly efficient liquid concentrate For the weekly cleaning and disinfection of dental aspirator systems.

    • 5% concentration in use
    • Economic ( 1 liter Makes 20 liters in use solution.)
    • Non foaming, and non-abrasive
    •  Aldehyde and phenol free
    • chlorine free 
    •  Fully Bactericidal
    •  Acid based solution, designed to remove protein and organic residues.
    •  Contact time of 10-30 minutes
    • The 1 liter  dispensing bottle , dispenses the required amount of concentrate to ensure accurate dosage is used.
    • Particularly effective in dental hygiene units (dissolves sodium bicarbonate)

    Approved and recommended by Sirona Dental Systems .

    Directions For Use In dental suction and aspiration system :

    • For 1 liter preparation , Add 50ml of the concentrate to 950ml of warm water (5% solution) 
    • For one application 2 L of a 5 % solution are needed.
    • Aspirate via the high and low volume suction tubes and also dispense into the spittoon bowl
    • Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes in order to activate the working properties 
    • Finally , rinse thoroughly with clean water.

    For professional use only.

    Time of action

    • 10-30minutes

    Alprojet-W Efficacy and Exposure Times :

    • Bactericidal(EN 13727) , Against pseudomonas bacteria , Staphylococcus aureus  and Enterococcus hirae
    • Yeasticidal – EN practical test under dirty conditions (EN 13624)
    • Virus inactivating – Limited spectrum of virucidal activity according to EN 16777 against non-enveloped adeno- and noro-viruses as well as all enveloped blood-borne viruses (HBVHCVHIV and influenza).
    • Certified by VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) /DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Micro­biology), meets the DGHM requirements and EN-standards for the disinfection of instruments
      • In Combination with AlproJet-DD  achieving  comprehensive Cleaning and Disinfecting  action ( AlproJet-DD )

    Delivery form

    • 1 L
    •  5 L
  • APMD KSA Alpron Single

    Alpron-For-Dental waterlines

    Daily Decontamination of Dental Unit Waterlines :

    The Alpron solution  has been designed to remove the biofilm build-up in dental units, plus is an ongoing treatment preventing regrowth and hence ensuring drinking quality water from the unit.

    How to use Alpron Solution :

    Mixing Alpron to 1% solution , Alpron is used at a 1% concentration to maintain the cleanliness of waterlines .

    For example, to make 5 Litres of mixed 1% Alpron solution, mix 50mls of Alpron with 4950mls of potable water (Tap or distilled). 

    Daily Flushing By Alpron Solution :

    Alpron must be flushed through the lines regularly to ensure it is fresh in the lines.

    Flush 1 minute morning and night and 30 seconds between patients. 

    Alpron Efficacy  :

    It effectively protects against algae and lime deposits and prevents lime scale formation when warming water or after water has cool down.

    BIOFILM  formation prevention and Removal .

    Bactericidal and Yeasticidal .

    Unlike other products available there is no need to perform a weekly flush as the Alpron solution is used continually within the DUWLs which eliminates one less procedure for the dental team.


  • AlproSept-500mL-3-Clips

    Alprosept clip Bundle

    ِAlprosept 500ml + 3 Alrposept Clip Bundle

  • alprosept-alcohol-wipes-apmd

    Alprosept AlcohoL70% and Glycerol Wipes

    Alprosept Wipes  is pre-saturated wipes  with  Alprosept  solution .

    Alprosept solution is a potent Alcoholic and Glycerol based disinfectant solution for Hand disinfection as well as  for Skin disinfection.

    Alprosept Disinfectant wipes is a one-step  for quickly cleaning and sanitizing,  ready-to-use, non-woven disposable disinfectant wipes  that can be used as part of a comprehensive environmental hygiene and infection prevention program.

    Alprosept wipes is a broad spectrum multi-purpose disinfectant alcoholic wipes .

    Alprosept Wipes used before carrying out ordinary injections and punctures of peripheral vessels ,vaccination and blood sample collection .

    It  reduces  the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

    Alprosept reduce nosocomial infections by hand disinfection .

    Alprosept skin and hand disinfection  Wipes Efficacy :

    Quick bactericidal activity

    • Against spore forming bacteria .
    • Against Multi drug resistant microbes 
    • Removes 99.99% of a broad range of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses just in 30 seconds

    Moreover ,It has an Excellent Residual activity  :

    Exhibit persistent antimicrobial activity against resident flora for 6 hours and against transient flora for 1 hour.

    Alprosept  wipes  Features :

    • Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal as well as  Virucidal (HBV/HIV/HCV) in 15 to 30 Secs
    • Quick drying .
    • Pleasant Lemon Fragrance
    • Soft to hands and  skin
    • Biodegradable according to OECD regulations.
    • EPA-approved wipes that are designed for skin disinfection , hospital surfaces and have effective contact times.

    APMD is your partner for hospital disinfection and infection prevention. Our wipes kill a wide variety of healthcare-specific organisms, and they help reduce the risk of HAIs1 and associated costs.  When you choose APMD PRODUCTS , you make the most of your resources and have confidence that disinfection is being done right.

  • AlproSept-500mL-3-Clips

    Alprosept Clip Bundle

    ِAlprosept 500ml + 3 Alrposept Clip Bundle

  • Alprosept hand and skin disinfectant

    Alprosept Hand and Skin sanitizer Solution

    Alprosept is a potent Alcoholic and Glycerol based sanitizer solution for Hand disinfection as well as  for Skin disinfection.

    Alprosept  used before carrying out ordinary injections and punctures of peripheral vessels , vaccination and blood sample collection  .

    Safety  : Alprosept solution Used friendly compared to chlorohexidine based chemicals which has characteristics of discoloration of the skin, allergenic reactions and  sticky residues .

    Ready to use , It does not need to be diluted

    Quick bactericidal activity (just in 30 seconds) :

    • Against spore forming bacteria .
    • Multi drug resistant microbes 
    • Removes 99.99% of a broad range of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses just in 30 seconds
    • Alprosept reduce nosocomial infections by hand disinfection .
    • Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal as well as  Virucidal (HBV/HIV/HCV) in 30 Secs

    It has an Excellent Residual activity   :

    Alprosept Exhibit persistent antimicrobial activity against resident flora for 6 hours and against transient flora for 1 hour

    Alprosept has Good skin compliance :

    • Alcohol and Glycerol Based Hand and Skin Disinfectant
    • Free of phenols and aldehydes .
    • it contains Moisturizers  that preserve the skin integrity even on frequent use .



  • APMD KSA Alprosol


    A highly efficient concentrated liquid for the cleaning of impression trays and other instruments.

  • Alprox Mouthwash -البروكس غسول فم 300 ملي

    ر.س34.99 inc. VAT
    Alprox is a ready to use mouth rinsing solution for all Gum and Teeth disorders  .
    1-Alprox  is very effective for all Smoking disorders :

    like gum receding , bleeding , bad odor and dryness.

    2-Alprox prevent and treats Gum Recedingcheck here the video ) :
    • It contains phenylalanine that support collagen and elastin formation . collagen and elastin support gum tissues , so prevent gum receding , bleeding and inflammations .
    • Alprox increase saliva secretion that helps to strengthen tooth enamel, bad odor control, probiotic support and mouth cavity moisturizing specially for smokers .
    3-Alprox help in Tartar removal and formation control due to EDTA .

    it has antifungal and antiviral activity not only antibacterial activity like traditional mouthwashes .


    gum disorders occurring during pregnancy as a result of hormonal changes and oxidative stress that disrupts collagen fibers in gum tissues .


    Alprox mouthwash solution support saliva secretion and do not cause oral cavity dryness like other chlorhexidine containing mouthwashes .

    The product is effective to protect from gingivitis, periodontitis and support the regeneration of the periodontium.


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  • APMD KSA AlproZyme

    Alprozyme-Equipment Cleaner-Powder

    AlproZyme is Alkaline-enzymatic cleaning  granulate for Pre-cleaning and Pre-disinfection .

    1-Useable in soaking bath, in ultrasonic devices and washer disinfectors.

    2-For the cleaning and pre-disinfection of medical and dental instruments, rotating precision instruments and endoscopes.

    3-Alkaline – Enzymatic dual-action ( Cleaning and disinfection )

    4-Powerful removal of protein and tissues.

    5-Biofilm Removal

    6-Non Foaming , so it is designed as a pre-autoclave or pre-automated system cleaner .

    7-Non Corrosive  , so it is safe on all materials

    Formula Features  of Alprozyme :

    1-Powder Granules

    Activated when diluted by hot water unlike Other solution forms  that quickly become inactive because enzymes eat each others in the solution  forms  .

    2-Alkaline PH

    Alkaline PH good for soil decontamination , Alprozyme  powder actively working even in alkaline ph  due to the specific formula .

    3-Enzymes are  waxed ( Coated ) :

    To avoid enzymes eating each others  because enzymes are protein in nature  .

    Alprozyme Powder Efficacy :

    Alprozyme has exceptional efficacy. Provides high staff protection (TRBA 250),

    1-Cleaning (at .5% Concentration ) : one sachet + 2 litre hot water .

    Removes proteins ,fat, residues of tissues as well as biofilms in addition  other debris .

    2-Virucidal (at 1 % Concentration ) : one sachet + 1 litre  hot water .

    virucidal according to EN 16777 against non-enveloped adeno, Noro and Parvo-viruses as well as all enveloped blood-borne viruses e. g. HBV, HCV, HIV and Influenza at 1 % concentration before comprehensive disinfection.

    Contact time:

    • 15 – 30 minutes in soaking bath (20 – 30°C)
    • 5 – 15 minutes in ultrasonic cleaner (20 – 40°C)
    • Maximum contact time: 60 minutes

    Alprozyme Equipment cleaner package Details :

    Pack of 100 sachets   – 10 Gram Powder scahet

    The Product is CE Marked and manufactured under technical collaboration with Alpro Medical GMBH, Germany.